Agile Revenue Management and enhancement

At Ntiyiso Revenue Consulting (NRC), we are leaders in revenue management and enhancement consulting. We offer comprehensive revenue management and enhancement solutions, from strategic engagements, to implementation and monitoring of impact.

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Revenue Solutions

We improve cash positions of large and medium-sized municipalities and organisations.

Our Case Studies

We have proudly worked with clients from various industries on a wide variety of projects.


Our Service Offering

  • Revenue conversion and completeness.
  • Revenue administration and protection.
  • Revenue coverage and growth.
  • Revenue customer management.
  • Revenue data science.

Ntiyiso Revenue Maturity Methodology

We at Ntiyiso Revenue Consulting believe that revenue is the fuel that enables institutions to meet their obligations and to deliver services to their clients. NRC has developed world-class methodologies, models, and tools to diagnose inefficiencies and leakages within the revenue value chain and implement sustainable solutions to unblock bottlenecks and increase revenue. Our Revenue Maturity Methodology is defined by the core elements below.

Revenue Customer Management

Refers to the extent to which distinct action has been taken towards customer engagement and management. Customer Centricity considers several factors including an assessment of effective communication platforms, clear customer segmentation and customer relationship management.

Revenue Administration and Protection

An assessment of municipalities’ organisational ability to administer the revenue management function. This looks predominantly at strategy and human capital.

Revenue Conversion and Completeness

Refers to the municipality’s ability to realise cash flows from billing customers. This is evaluated by the municipality’s collection rate year on year.


The municipality’s ability to efficiently generate income from a diverse pool of both available and innovative revenue sources.


Measures the extent to which the municipality has integrated data analytics with all the phases of revenue collection and management.

If it's money, we will find it for you.

Our Revenue Products

  • Revenue Conversin and Completeness
  • Revenue Administration and Protection
  • Revenue Coverage and Growth
  • Revenue Customer Management
  • Revenue Data Science

Revenue Conversion And Completeness

Revenue Administration & Protection

Revenue Coverage & Growth

Revenue Customer Management

Revenue Data Science

If it's money, we will find it for you.
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