Industry exposure and impact

Financial Services

We have delivered solutions within the financial services sector. With our extensive knowledge and experience within the claims process management, credit management, and revenue, we can successfully serve and supply solutions to a full spectrum of clients within the banking and insurance sectors.


We offer consulting services to clients in the Public Sector and Private Sector. These services include business strategy development and implementation support, development of five-year strategic plans and annual performance plans, business processes management, organisational design, shared and outsourced services advisory.


We have been extensively involved in developing solutions for the government sector, and have a wealth of experience in working with municipalities to assist them to improve the performance of service delivery, improve revenue, introduce efficiencies in their operations, and  implement innovative tools to support the business functions.

Real Estate

Our real estate solutions have helped clients reduce inefficiencies and leakages in Mega Social Housing projects. 

High Tech

We have deployed technology in client settings to enable innovation and improve operations. We are committed to helping our clients integrate technology strategy, governance and business process reengineering.


We have extensive experience creating transportation solutions. We have helped Travel, Transport, and Logistics companies transform challenges into growth opportunities and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Expertise in areas such as network management, pricing, and revenue management supplements our strong foundation in strategy, operations, and organisational development.


We have developed and implemented a wide range of FMCG industry solutions. In addition to our organisational improvement services on governance and management, we have specialist skills in manufacturing and supply chain optimisation, asset management services and manufacturing operations improvement support, performance measurement and improvement.


We are extensively involved in consulting on and developing mining industry solutions. We provide support services to enhance the entire operation value chain. Our expertise ranges from supply chain management and optimising to sector and community development projects. We have also been involved with the development and implementation of support services for social labour plans.

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