“We are a pre-eminent afro-centric management consulting firm which is relied upon to provide evidence-based, robust solutions to complex management problems facing institutions, enabling them to sustainably transform African economies.”


Founded in 2005, Ntiyiso Consulting is a black-owned management consulting firm with expertise across all major industries. The firm uses innovation to deliver services through three practices, viz. Governance & Strategy Practice, Revenue Management & Enhancement Practice and Industrialisation and Catalytic Practice.

Ntiyiso’ means ‘TRUTH’ in Xitsonga language. Ntiyiso Consulting is therefore naturally inclined to deliver the most trusted of solutions to its clients. Ntiyiso Consulting’s underlying operating philosophy is to offer its client products and services as a means to derive value.


To provide governance and strategy, revenue management and business process outsourcing advisory services to public and private organisations for the development of communities we operate in, growth of our employees and returning value to our shareholders


To become a preeminent Afrocentric management consulting firm which is relied upon to provide innovative solutions to complex management problems facing institutions in their quest to transform and reorganize African economies


Ntiyiso Consulting’s conviction is that each client is unique and therefore has specific needs that can only be met through a close and personalised partnership that is based on shared responsibility to deliver sustainable results. Ntiyiso Consulting is strongly opposed to the one-size-fits-all approach.

Ntiyiso Consulting believes in partnering with its clients and developing relationships where clients can comfortably listen to constructive criticism and advice. Ntiyiso Consulting’s core value is to tell the TRUTH about the status quo so as to create a platform for change and assist its clients to develop leadership capacity necessary to lead the change.


Ntiyiso Consulting team has consultants who possess expertise in management consulting across all major industries, with many of them being thought leaders in the industry. The firm’s consultants regularly receive invitations to share their views at conferences country wide.

The firm’s consultants have exceptional experience that can be benchmarked against international standards. Furthermore, Ntiyiso Consulting has contributed significantly towards thought leadership, research, analysis, reporting and designing of solutions. Ntiyiso Consulting has over the years designed and developed methodologies, templates, tools and models. This intellectual property has proved to be effective in solving the challenges faced by the firm’s clients.