Why work for Ntiyiso Consulting

Ntiyiso Consulting is an authentically African and Globally wired organisation. We are built on entrepreneurial strength and forward-thinking minds.

We are proactive self-starters who foster continuous learning and self-development for our staff. We co-create a caring and supportive environment for all Atoms. Innovation and creativity are encouraged and rewarded at all levels across the organisation.

We are high performing individuals who are passionate about our careers, purpose driven,  and always striving to do meaningful work. At Ntiyiso Consulting, not only do we source for the best talent but we also provide opportunities for growth.


Life at Ntiyiso Consulting

All Atoms are challenged to work towards their best selves, on both a professional and personal level. Life at Ntiyiso will challenge you to learn, whilst creating the best solutions and value for all our clients. Our rapid growth has created a space for dynamic market exposure.

Be Ntiyiso. Speak truth to power.

We are rigorous in our ability to research, test and find the holy grail in the jungle of confusion and under performance…

We tell the truth about the problem so that we find the right solution for our clients

Be Ntiyiso. Trade on trust as your currency.

Our work takes us to all sort of places, talking to people at different levels of the organisation and discover the most sensitive information. Our clients trust us with the most sensitive issues.

Be Ntiyiso. Thrive on delivering results.

We are not about delivering thick documents, fancy looking slides and lofty promises. We deliver tangible results.

Be Ntiyiso. Empower.

Everyday, we support and empower institutions to reach their greatest potential. Join over 200 brilliant people, working together to deliver results and
Empower the Institutions that Enable Africa’s Development.

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