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At Ntiyiso Consulting Group, we are more than learners, consultants, and problem-solvers – we are innovative leaders and teachers. Our team members are passionate, purpose-driven individuals who strive to do meaningful work. We look for more than talent in our prospective Atoms; those who will work to seize every opportunity for growth in their careers. Our goal is to foster self-development and improvement through example and educational programs


If you are interested in working for the Ntiyiso Consulting Group, and you have the necessary expertise and qualifications, fill out the form below, and should a position that suits your specific background become available the Ntiyiso Consulting Group will contact you directly.

Atoms: Be A Valued Individual

Why Work for Us?

We are an organisation that is built on innovative forward thinking minds with an entrepreneurial flair. We are proactive self-starters who foster continuous learning and self-development in our staff while creating a caring and supportive environment for each of our Atoms. Creativity and innovation are encouraged and rewarded; we want you to succeed!

Life At Ntiyiso Consulting Group

We provide our Atoms with a creative, caring, encouraging and empowering environment. We do this to challenge all Atoms to work towards their best selves, both on a personal and professional level. Life at Ntiyiso Consulting Group means learning, evolving, and creating solutions and value for our clients.

The Values That Define Us

Be Ntiyiso: Speak Truth to power

Ntiyiso is a Xitsonga word that means “TRUTH,” and that truth is the cornerstone of our foundation. We are rigorous in our ability to research and test assumptions which allow us to determine the truth for our clients. Truth that is shared openly and honestly.

Be Ntiyiso: Trade on trust as your currency

Our work exposes us to multiple client realities, which continue to test our capabilities. As an Atom, you will be expected to continuously build and enhance your skill to meet the rigors of client expectations and deliver on our brand promise.

Be Ntiyiso: Thrive on delivering results

We deliver tangible results, real solutions, and actionable insights. We thrive on providing solutions that truly solve client problems. You will be at the centre of developing and delivering this value.

Be Ntiyiso: Empower

We empower you to be your best self professionally and personally.

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