Economic planning is critical for the development of the local government sphere.

This is what the managing director for Ntiyiso industrialisation consulting Auntony Mukhwanazi emphasised.

He was speaking on POWER Business on Thursday evening.

Noting the country’s economic planning shortcomings Mukhwanazi says: “We have observed a deficit, particularly when it comes to local economic planning at the level of local government.”

He adds that economic planning entails critical aspects.

“Firstly, it’s important the we identify the key stakeholders within that particular area – [including] other spheres of government and non-governmental organisations,” he says adding that these entities must be “consulted to ensure that you come up with a decisive economic plan”.

“Secondly, it’s important that we ensure that we have an understanding of the economic landscape for that particular area,” notes Mukhwanazi.

“Thirdly, it’s very important that there’s a clear [and] well-defined vision [where] we set smart and measurable goals and objectives.”

Fourthly, adds Mukhwanazi, an actionable programme that can be implemented must be set up.

“Above all, once all of that is done, it’s important that we ensure that there is a well-defined monitoring and evaluation framework…”