Ntiyiso Consulting Group invites you to a series of virtual round table discussions on some of today’s most pressing business challenges. The sessions, facilitated by industry experts, feature some of our latest research, along with case studies that provide a glimpse into how industry is managing to grow revenue and reduce costs even in these tough times.


Risk maturity round table

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2021/10/20 10:30:00

In this round table we will share results from the attribute-based maturity index; a South African focused risk maturity assessment and competency improvement model and discuss the requirements to reach higher risk maturity levels. We will also share practical interventions other organisations have put in place to improve their risk maturity and explore emerging risk technology trends.

DATE: 20 October
TIME: 10:30 to 11:30

Our Speaker:
Terence Murasiki

Director & Head:
Research – ABMI Research Institute; Author – The ABMI Reference Library

Terence has worked in various roles over the past 26-years, most spent in an advisory role in strategy, technology, risk management, external audit, and internal audit. He is well known for his innovation of the attribute-based maturity index, a fast-growing model for risk maturity, benchmarking and competency development including automation thereof.

He currently serves as a small business mentor for the Black Umbrellas business incubator, is a past board member of Medicover Medical Scheme as well as Liberty Medical Scheme and has also served as the Chairperson of the Risk Management Committee of The Gauteng Department of Roads & Transport including the provincial fleet management entity, g-Fleet.

Supply chain management round table

Cost containment has become more critical than ever, given the revenue headwinds from COVID 19 across most industries. In this round table, the leader of our procurement practice will drive a discussion on innovative cost-containment measures that we see organisations employing. We will also explore technology advances in supply chain management.

DATE: 17 November
TIME: 10:30 to 11:30

Data and analytics round table

The annual revenue generation and cost-saving benefits of advanced analytics are estimated at trillions of dollars globally. While global firms and government entities are already leveraging data analytics to drive revenue growth and reduce costs, Africa lags behind. A paucity of data and challenges with consolidating available data rank amongst the top reasons for not realising the full benefits of advanced analytics in Africa. In this round table, our Head of Data and Analytics will share some of our latest work in helping organisations start on their analytics journey. We will also share compelling case studies from the use of analytics within the private and public sector, which have achieved significant impact, even in environments with no easy access to data.

DATE: 8 December
TIME: 10:30 to 11:30

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