A happy customer is a buying customer.

That is the sentiment of Ntiyiso Consulting managing director of revenue Andrew America.

America was speaking on POWER Business on the POWER Solution segment, discussing the importance of revenue generation in businesses, state-owned enterprise (SOE) and local government municipalities.

“Revenue is the last line of any business,” explains America.

America further adds: “At the centre of this revenue ecosystem is the customer because a happy customer is a buying customer.”

He says business owners need to put customers first to ensure their businesses thrive.

“We need to start listening to their issues so that we gear ourselves to respond to their issues.”

America says businesses should ensure they bill each service they offer so that their revenue generation can mature. 

However, he says some organisations, particularly the state-owned-entities, take time to resolve customers’ complaints. 

“What we have experienced in our case studies is that there’s a lot of time that lapses between when a customer registers that first query versus when the query gets resolved. Here I’m talking about anything from a week to a year.”

The managing director says there are many ways to ensure businesses can protect their revenue generations.

He has given examples on how Eskom can avoid illegal connection of electricity.

“For instance, why don’t we look at municipalities being given the opportunity to generate their own power? It will be so much easier for customers to buy [electricity] at a cheaper rate.”