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Ntiyiso Revenue Consulting is a leader in revenue management and enhancement consulting. Ntiyiso Revenue Consulting has worked with a number of municipalities, and was instrumental in devising and implementing groundbreaking strategies, which have resulted in a turnaround of the revenue generation. The Ntiyiso Revenue Consulting subsidiary assists organisations to realise completeness of revenue, elimination of revenue leakages and increased revenue from existing and new sources.

Ntiyiso Revenue Consulting offers comprehensive revenue management and enhancement solutions, from strategic engagements, to implementation and monitoring of impact. Ntiyiso Revenue Consulting covers the revenue value chain, starting with developing of tariffs and review of valuation rolls of properties, billing of metered and non-metered services, credit control, right across to debt collection. Ntiyiso Revenue Consulting deploys methodologies such as the Revenue Recovery & Continuous Improvement©, the Truth Table © and Revenue Value Chain Integrator©.

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