Ekurhuleni Development Company (EDC)


Assisted the EDC to obtain accreditation from the SHRA which qualified the organisation to manage social housing stock and be able to access grant funding to develop the stock.

Ntiyiso Consulting developed and implemented a turnaround strategy that included putting the following organisational elements in place:

    • Long term business plan/ strategy (with clear objectives and SMART goals).
    • Financial Management strategy.
    • Operational (tenant, maintenance, and construction) support (Financial management, HR) policies and procedure.
    • Building Conditions audit to anticipate large maintenance expenditure requirements.
    • Tenant audit to ensure the right beneficiaries are occupying units as per regulatory requirement.


Ntiyiso Solution

Long term business plan and strategy.

Financial management strategy.

Operational and support policies and procedure.

Building conditions audit.

Tenant audits.

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