Conduct a Tenant Income Audits and Tenant Satisfaction Surveys for fourteen (14) Social Housing Projects – SHRA


Conduct a tenant management audit (sample= 100%) that will assist SHRA to ascertain that the intended target market (income must be between R1 500 and R7 500) is housed in the identified social housing stock and that the rental bands are maintained and there is compliance with the income criteria of the SH Act and regulations.

Conduct a tenant satisfaction survey (sample=100%) that will allow SHRA to gauge the level of tenant satisfaction in respect to the living conditions and that the objectives of the social housing programme as envisaged in the SH act are achieved.

Ntiyiso Solution

Identified qualifying and non-qualifying tenants

Devised a regularisation strategy for non-qualifying tenants

Determined income mix in the social housing projects

Ntiyiso Consulting determined the extent of social housing tenant satisfaction for the 14 projects and provided areas of improvement. The recommendation was provided in respect of the following aspects:

    • Physical condition and quality of your unit
    • Maintenance System
    • Complaints system
    • Management liaison with tenants
    • Prevention and response to antisocial behaviour
    • Security
    • Pleasant environment in the complex
    • Sound and sustainable organization
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