City of Tshwane – Revenue Management Turnaround


City of Tshwane has a debt book amounting to over 6 billion rand. Most the money owed has to do with failed metering, billing, payment, credit control and debt collection processes. The City has retained the services of Ntiyiso Consulting to help with the resolution of the problems in the processes as well as bring the debt down.

Ntiyiso Solution

Ntiyiso Consulting has done an analysis of the debt book to determine customers who owe the highest amount by account type (e.g. business, residential etc.) to positively direct the collection effort. Ntiyiso Consulting has also brought in an information bureau to profile the customers who owe to inform the collection process. In addition to the above, Ntiyiso Consulting is also doing process reengineering to prevent mistakes in the revenue value chain from re-occurring.

Finally, we have implemented an analytics tool to help with the tracking of performance of the processes and reduce data problems.

We have thus far make great success in both process improvement and revenue collection.

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