Company Overview

Founded in 2005, Ntiyiso Consulting is an authentically African and globally wired management consulting firm that seeks to empower institutions that enable Africa’s development. Ntiyiso Consulting helps improve cash positions of large and medium sized municipalities; turnaround or improve the revenue, profitability or social mandate profitability or social mandate performance of large and medium organizations; and unlock economic opportunities on behalf of communities & regions.

We deliver sustainable and evidence-based solutions through three subsidiaries, viz. Ntiyiso Revenue Consulting, Ntiyiso Business Consulting and Ntiyiso Industrialisation Consulting.

Ntiyiso means ‘TRUTH’ in Xitsonga language. Ntiyiso Consulting is therefore naturally inclined to deliver the most trusted of solutions to its clients.

About Ntiyiso Consulting

Operating Philosophy

Ntiyiso Consulting’s underlying operating philosophy is to offer its clients products and services as a means to derive value.

Ntiyiso Consulting’s conviction is that each client is unique and therefore has specific needs that can only be met through a close and personalised partnership that is based on shared responsibility to deliver sustainable results.

Ntiyiso Consulting believes in partnering with its clients and developing relationships where clients can comfortably listen to constructive criticism and advice. Ntiyiso Consulting’s core value is to tell the TRUTH about the status quo in order to create a platform for change and assist its clients to develop leadership capacity necessary to lead the change.

Key Differentiators
  • Tailor made solutions
    First principle is problem solving and not a cookie cutting approach.
  • Collaborative approach
    We are very workshop heavy and less about the slide when developing solutions.
  • Agile and flexible
    We bring about solutions through piloting prototypes and experimenting through incremental innovations.
  • Cultural affinity
    We are respectful and approachable, and we also have a demeanour that is resonant with African culture.
Our Values

Ntiyiso Consulting atoms (“Atoms”) are a special breed of human beings. An atom is a rare type of professional who is purpose driven and always strives to do meaningful work. Their mission in life is to empower organisations that enable Africa’s development. They are obsessed with this mission; it preoccupies their life and keeps them awake at night. Atoms always find meaning in work and give work meaning. This rare human being is passionate and has an insatiable appetite for knowledge and learning. A typical atom is curios and is always trying to figure out how things work in business and life in general. Atoms carry themselves with pride and confidence; and are an embodiment of what it is to be African. The atom is resourceful, hard working and always goes beyond the call of duty in service to mankind.

  • We are truthful, honest and professional.
  • We respect, care and support one another and all people.
  • We are proactive self-starters with an entrepreneurial flair.
  • We foster continuous learning and self-development for our staff.
  • We are relentless in experimentation and unparalleled in innovations.
  • We take pride in delivering enduring solutions for our clients.
Seed Transformation Programme Certificate

Ntiyiso Consulting has successfully completed the Seed Transformation Programme Certificate with the University of Stanford Graduate School of Business. The Seed Transformation Programme is a yearlong, on-the-ground leadership programme for established founders and CEOs in emerging economies. Its main aim is to grow businesses and increase the positive impact they have in their communities with special focus on Business Administration, Management and Operations.

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