In a rapidly changing world where technology is continuously relied upon to aid solutions that provide efficiency and convenience. Ntiyiso Consulting – in partnership with Africawide Consulting – presents the ”mVTM”, a first of its kind VIRTUAL MUNICIPALITY! The mVTM – an ATM-like, through-the-wall, free standing, on the counter or mobile customer care portal, will enable municipalities to service their customers anywhere, anytime – 24 hours a day! The “mVTM” offers municipalities the following benefits:
  • The unit can be strategically placed for ease of access for municipal customers. Just like an ATM – the unit can be placed in any location where the need is present.
  • It is a virtual services machine where customers can be serviced remotely. The machine can be linked through to a municipal services call centre where an agent can assist a customer either through voice or video calling.
  • It offers an efficient cash management solution through its secure drop-safe technology.
  • The cash deposited is immediately reconciled and the records are then made available to the municipality for recognition of payment.
  • It enables municipalities to create closer relations with their customers, due to customers experiencing quicker, hassle-free customer service.
  • It will result in municipalities experiencing easier data collection and cleansing, as well as up-to-date data and records.
  • It presents municipalities with the opportunity to introduce new revenue streams, due to various software being able to be installed into the unit’s features. E.g. Prepaid electricity and airtime.
  • The unit allows municipalties to verify records or proofs of payment.
For Municipal Services customers, the mVTM will allow them to:
  • Avoid long queues at municipal offices.
  • Pay municipal accounts, purchase electricity, bus tickets, tickets to the Zoo and other services.
  • Log services queries for assistance.
  • Print, view or email municipal statements.
  • Participate in customer reward schemes.
So, what exactly is the mVTM and how does it work? The mVTM offers PERSONALised services in the following ways:
  • A VIRTUAL Teller, where customers will obtain assistance through voice or video calling with a call centre agent via the mVTM screen.
The mVTM technology features:
  • BIOMETRIC identification for customers that have signed-up.
  • The mVTM dispenses cards for those who have signed up to specific programmes.
  • The mVTM identifies cards in the same way a bank ATM does
  • The mVTM is enabled with Barcode identification, where customers can scan their municipal bill and immediately be directed to the payment screen for their municiapal account.
In addition, the mVTM will also enable customers to: 
  • Pay their municipal accounts by depositing cash or swiping their card.
  • Pay their other accounts, such as their Traffic Fines.
  • Perform ONLINE PURCHASES, such as airtime, bus tickets and subscriber services such as their TV licences, pay TV and insurance products.
The mVTM is enabled to process a variety of payment methods, and it is equipped to:
  • Accept and return COINS 
  • Accept and dispense NOTES
  • Accept CARDS
  • Accept COUPONS
  • Accept loyalty programme points (such as e-bucks)