It is crucial for businesses to understand the people whom they render services to.

That’s according to the head of business and revenue at Ntiyiso Consulting Mhlanganisi Madlongolwana.

Madlongolwana was speaking on POWER Business on Thursday, highlighting the importance of businesses building customer relations. 

“As people who advise institutions, the key to it is prioritising customer-centricity,” says Madlongolwana. 

“Prioritising the point that we need to understand who the people are that we are servicing, how are we servicing those people, how are we ensuring that we understand their needs but also more how are we reconfiguring our operations to actually speak to their needs.”

Madlongolwana urges service providers to sit down with their customers and understand their needs. 

“Break down your institutional operations based on the feedback that they give you,” he adds. 

He has called on service providers to educate customers about the available services.

Corporate South Africa, explains Madlongolwana, has done exceptionally well in terms of customer education.

“It is important for state institutions, be it SOEs or municipalities or whatever the case may be, to drive the concept of customer education and stakeholder engagement.”

A lot of municipalities across the country are battling to generate revenue mostly as a result of residents’ non-payment for utilities.

Millions of rand are lost every day due to people tampering with municipal prepaid meters.

“A lot of people just don’t understand the impact of no-payment and because they don’t understand the impact of non-payment it is easier to step away from that.”