Ntiyiso Consulting helps financial services firms achieve sustainable improvements in performance. Our deep expertise in claims process management, credit management and other organisational development interventions will serve a full spectrum of clients in banking and insurance sectors and functions.

High Tech

Ntiyiso Consulting helps High Tech companies to innovate, improve operations and deliver value by developing resonant strategies, effective governance structures, better delivery processes and improved support of the business. These IT companies range from early-stage to multinational software, hardware and services providers.


Ntiyiso Consulting helps Travel; Transport & Logistics companies transform challenges into growth opportunities and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Expertise in areas such as network management, pricing and revenue management supplements our strong foundation in strategy, operations, and organisational development.

Real Estate

Ntiyiso Consulting assists clients develop and implement full or partial turnaround strategies with special focus on governance, management (strategy), operations and support systems. In particular, we assist real estate organisations to review their property development, property maintenance and tenant management. Finance, IT, and HR also reviewed and aligned accordingly.


Ntiyiso Consulting offers a range of services to both the Public Sector and the Private Sector clients. These services include business strategy development and implementation support, development of five (5) year strategic plans and annual performance plans, business processes management, organisational design, as well as shared and outsourced services advisory.


Ntiyiso Consulting has developed a wealth of experience in working with municipalities to assist them to improve the performance of their service delivery offering, improve revenue and introduce efficiencies in their operations as well as implement innovative tools to support the business functions.


Ntiyiso Consulting provides various services to the FMCG sector. In addition to our organisational improvement services on governance, management,  we have specialist skills in manufacturing and supply chain optimisation, asset management services which includes manufacturing operations improvement support. These include performance measurement and improvement.


Ntiyiso Consulting provides various services to the Mining Sector. We provide support services that enhance the entire value chain of mining operations. Our focus also includes supply chain management optimisation, mining sector community development projects as well as the development and implementation support services for mining social labour plans.

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