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Ntiyiso Industrialisation Consulting’s DNA is rooted in development of catalytic projects to boast economic development and industrialisation whilst creating jobs in the process. Over the years, Ntiyiso Industrialisation Consulting has conceptualised, researched, developed, fund-raised and implemented several farming, manufacturing and energy projects in Limpopo, Free State and North West provinces. It was from these projects that the necessary management knowledge was mastered to turn the firm into a Management Consulting outfit, which gave rise to the Governance and Strategy as well as the Revenue Management practices.

Ntiyiso Industrialisation Consulting has also grown to include Business Process Outsourcing Advisory too, where we advise clients on key sourcing and outsourcing decisions, as well as investment attraction strategies.

The Ntiyiso Industrialisation Consulting subsidiary offers the following:

Sector Strategy Advisory

Ntiyiso Industrialisation Consulting offers local, provincial and national government studies on the status of their location’s ability to attract outsourcing investment as an economic driver. From the studies we help clients develop and implement strategies to attract and grow outsourcing investment at their location.

Outsourcing Strategy Advisory

At the heart of our process is the aligning of a sourcing/shared service strategy with organisational needs, and then the executing of transactions and managing of relationships to meet those needs. We also assist in implementing the sourcing strategy through the RFP development, vendor selection and vendor performance management processes.

Feasibility studies

We make detailed assessments to determine the key specific drivers of a project and to verify that the project has good prospects for success in delivering intended results.

Facility Development/Business Plan Development

Where specific solutions are needed following the gathering of relevant data, information is organised into a business design covering all the relevant aspects and systems in a bankable manner that our clients can rely on to commence implementation of the project.


Ntiyiso Industrialisation Consulting has a team of specialists who, upon redelivering a compelling business case and business plan thereof, are able to package the projects for fundraising from various funding institutions, including DFIs.

Project Implementation

We offer implementation services to build the facility or a system. The implementation process entails planning, execution and monitoring. The end result is an operational system.

Monitoring and evaluation

As part of a change management process, it is necessary to monitor and evaluate the new systems during the formative stage. In order to help our clients bridge the gap between implementation and operations, we offer renewable monitoring contracts so as to ensure that the systems/operations implemented achieve intended results.

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