Ntiyiso Business Consulting

The Ntiyiso Business Consulting subsidiary renders holistic organisational improvement interventions resulting in increased productivity and sustainable profitability.

Through Business Consulting, we turnaround or improve the overall business performance, improve the revenue or facilitate achievement of the social mandate of large and medium sized organisations. This is achieved through aligning the organisational ecosystem viz. strategy, leadership, people, architecture, routines and culture.

Our mission is to provide innovative solutions to inspire business success

Our capabilities are diverse; these are complemented by our well-developed tools and methodologies which facilitate business performance improvement. We provide a range of services to this effect which are grouped into Strategy, Operations and People focused services offering.


Our strategy development and implementation support services ensure alignment of business strategy to the company’s mission, vision and value proposition.

  • Strategy development
  • Governance model design
  • Business model design
  • Operating model review
  • Risk Management
  • Organisational policies

We provide operations support to improve overall business operations through developing and implementing specific measures to improve efficiencies and effectiveness across business operations:

  • Operations improvement
  • Financial modelling
  • Capital productivity
  • Programme Management Office
  • Information Technology strategy and specifications
  • Business processes reengineering

Our solutions are people focussed as we appreciate the fact that people are at the centre of success of every business.

  • Organisation redesign
  • Skills audit
  • Staffing levels
  • Management secondment
  • Job profiles and job grading
  • Performance management
  • Change management
  • HR policies and processes and development and implementation support

Ntiyiso Business Consulting helps clients to implement the best corporate governance practices that are aligned to legal requirements and foster transparent engagements; thereby improving relationships with all stakeholders.

  • Board charter design
  • Sub – committee charter design
  • Conflict of interest design
  • Board composition advisory
  • Governance document advisory & Board process design
  • Delegation of authority design
  • Policy development
Core business operations support

Ntiyiso Business Consulting helps clients to achieve world-class operations. Blending strategic thinking with hands-on practicality, operational strategies are developed and implemented to solve the clients’ most critical problems.

  • Business process management
  • Outsourcing and shared-service strategy
  • Quality management strategy
  • Advanced planning and scheduling
  • Outcomes based budgeting
  • Resourcing (HR)
  •  Business requirement specifications (ICT)
Project Management Support

We believe that success of every project is dependent on well-established project management principles. In this regard, we deploy best practice project management frameworks to ensure success of projects we undertake. This provides assurance/ certainty to our clients that project objectives are met. We incorporate specific project management processes such as quality management, risk management, reporting and stakeholder management as an intrinsic part of project management in all our engagements. Our project management methodology also incorporates specific tools and templates which we have refined over the years to facilitate timeous delivery of projects.

Ntiyiso Business Consulting offers a range of solutions with options ranging from immediate to more strategic and forward looking solutions, these include short term solutions as well as the long term solutions that ensure long term business sustainability.

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