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Ntiyiso Aviation Services has a good portfolio of service and product offerings. Riding on the growing success of the Ntiyiso group and our knowledge and understanding of customers, their needs and requirements, and our ability to craft solutions to meet these needs coupled with our technology partnership with ST Engineering makes us a dependable, knowledgeable partner to our customers who require services in the aviation environment. We are able to develop tailor-made solutions that take our customers to the pinnacles of their industries.

Our product portfolio spans the breadth of aviation. It includes our ability to tap into our inhouse skills, the skills in the broader Ntiyiso group as well as our Technology partner (ST Engineering) to realise our customers’ ambitions

Drone Solutions

Ntiyiso Aviation Services provides end to end solutions to client to provide and outcome based solution leveraging on drone and the 4th Industrial Revolution Technologies namely, data analytics, robotics, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IOT).

Solutions are customized to the various industry covering:

  1. Public Safety and Security,
  2. Inspections and
  3. Delivery.

Drone-based Security services


We provide drone based solutions for any sector. We can deploy solutions for security improvement in environments where security is compromised and we can complement the current security arrangements by overlaying a drone-based implementation to aid patrols in areas where it is difficult/ costly to do so on foot or by car.

The drones and the technology around them enable the client to monitor, detect, and react to security breaches as well as identify ad locate, and isolate areas where breaches have happened. This increases second level response and could lead to capturing of the culprits as well as minimize losses due to theft and robberies whilst increasing potential for convictions.


  • Correctional Centres
  • Railway lines
  • Power stations
  • Oil Pipelines
  • Surveying
  • Game viewing
  • Anti-game poaching solution
  • Border patrol
  • Crowd control

Our Drone ecosystem includes the following:

  • Autonomous Drones

    Use managed drone services for clients from a central control point to service client requirements. Monitor drone operations and ensure regular operations as per operational requirements of the client

  • Counter drones

    Counter drones can be used for regulatory enforcement especially in no fly-zones such as National Key Points. With our deployed infrastructure, there will be detection of illegal drones entering the area, followed by a warning to the drone, leading based on the response to jamming, capturing or disabling the offending drone

  • Drone support services

    • Development of tailor-made solutions based on drone use
    • Drone Management solutions for regulatory authorities – with this solution regulatory authorities can register drones, ensure that every drone can be traced and tracked to an owner and enable improved compliance with Civil Aviation Regulations (CARs)

Our partnership with ST Engineering gives us access to modern technology and techniques in the MRO space as well as high quality skills. ST Engineering is accredited to do MRO for all the major brands in the aviation industry including military grade. We have access to the ST Engineering facilities at a South African pricing levels which should give our customer a competitive advantage cost wise.

This partnership will ultimately deliver an MRO facility for NAS in South Africa leading to development of local skills in the environment

Integrated Airport Runway systems

We offer systems that enable foreign object recognition and wild life recognition on runways. Airside monitoring. This improves the safety of runways, reduces delays due to unwanted objects on runways and enhances traffic flows and therefore productivity. It enables airport management to be proactive in resolving problems which could have spiraling effects on the operations of the airport and impact on air traffic and therefore the reputation of the Air traffic management.

Aviation Security

  • Perimeter Intrusion detection systems
  • Improves airport security
  • Airport Surveillance systems
  • Counter drone systems
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