Ntiyiso Consulting helps Travel, Transport & Logistics companies transform challenges into growth opportunities and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Expertise in areas such as network management, pricing and revenue management supplements our strong foundation in strategy, operations, and organizational development


Our consultants were responsible for advising on the re-organisation of an IT function of South African Airways (SAA). This effort was part of a project to reorganise the entire Airline. The recommendations included organisation structures, headcount, processes and IT contracts. Our consultants were also responsible for the FTE (Full Time Equivalent) benchmarking exercise of the entire organisation.

Our consultants were part of a project that studied and recommended on cost reduction initiatives for SAA. This was part of the turnaround effort of the organisation. They were responsible for the route profitability analysis, cabin crew compensation analysis and Subleasing of aircrafts analysis among other analysis.


Our consultants led a ship-to-shore crane optimisation workstream as part of a Durban container terminal operation transformation. The workstream was able to successfully pilot initiatives that increased the crane productivity by 20%. During the same project our consultants were part of a team that successfully reduced congestion at the Durban container terminal during the peak month. This was achieved through designing and operating a 24 hour operations command centre.

Our consultants led a workstreams to assess capital effectiveness of Transnet Port Terminals. The projects assessed effectiveness along four key elements i.e. strategic allocation, investment and portfolio management, capital execution and organizational support (structures, systems, processes and capabilities).