Ntiyiso Consulting has developed a wealth of experience in working with municipalities to assist them to improve the performance of their service delivery offering, improve revenue and introduce efficiencies in their operations as well as implement innovative tools to support the business functions.

Ekurhuleni Metro

Ntiyiso Consulting has successfully completed a project where in it assisted the Waste Department to map the costs associated with the collection and disposal of waste for both residential and business. This culminated in an automated costing model being developed to set tariffs and budget for the Department.

Our senior partner has led the process of establishing a revenue management and enhancement unit within the Finance Department of the City of Ekurhuleni. This was an organisational wide effort aimed a implementing revenue generating projects and to enhance the metering of services, billing, and collection of revenue. This resulted in the City of Ekurhuleni exceeding its annual revenue collection target.

City of Umhlathuze

Ntiyiso Consulting has assisted the City of Umhlathuze to solve what is a complex issue for a number of municipalities across South Africa where both the municipality and Eskom are suppliers of electricity in the same area but to different customers. We successfully quantified the deployment of revenue collected by the municipality towards services that it rendered and proved that electricity cross subsidises other services. This meant that customers who were supplied by Eskom were not contributing to the subsidisation of non-revenue generating services. This culminated in an automated model aimed at quantifying the amount which Eskom supplied customers would be required to pay over to the municipality on a monthly basis.