Operations (core business) A&O

Policy development
Risk Management
Feasibility studies
Capex investment planning
Operational improvement
Business process management
Outsourcing and shared services strategies
Quality Management Strategy
Advanced Planning and Scheduling
Operations performance management
High level process review
Policy and procedure write up
Define project objective (baseline)
Review project assumptions Analyse financial and operational issues/objectives and return on investment obligations
Report write up with recommendations
Review of capital allocation and strategy
Review of capital execution
Review of capital organisations (support including systems)
Value chain analyses (e.g. OEE)
Identification of bottlenecks (Theory of constraints)
Workshop solutions with line management
Write up business cases for solutions and approval
Pilot solutions
Implementations of solutions
Identify customer requirements)
Map current processes)
Test process)
Conduct benchmarking)
Redesign process)
Align resources and systems)
Plan Implementation)
Pilot system )
Analysis of services (cost and output))
Establish principles for outsourcing)
Identify similar case studies)
Develop a business case for outsourcing)
Develop high implementation plan)
Defining a quality management strategy/system
Developing a quality management quality plan
Developing a quality management manual
Developing a quality improvement plan
Develop a quality management implementation plan
Production planning
Inventory management
Determined key KPI
Setup performance evaluation capability
Setup performance management infrastructure
Support execution of performance management
Policy & Procedure documents
Feasibility study recommendation with go or no go decision
Capital improvement documents with opportunities
Operational improvement strategy
Documented As-Is process
Process improvement opportunities
Re-designed process
Implementation plan
Outsourcing strategy document
Quality management system
Quality management manual
Planning tools
Forecasting tools
Visible performance management (KPIs and measurement against them)