Leadership and Management A&O

Best practice Governance design aligned with regulations
Strategy development and review
Organisational assessment
Organisational design
Programme and project management
Coaching and mentoring
Sub – committee charter design
Conflict of interest design
Board composition advisory
Governance document advisory & Board process design
Delegation of authority design
Review of historic strategy
High level organisational performance analyses (operations, people, systems etc)
High level financial analysis
Research on macroeconomic, industry, market, regulatory, and environmental issues
Strategy document write up

Style (leadership)
Systems & Processes
Shared values (leadership)
Review of current organisational structure
Set up organisational design principles
High level organisational design (with options)
Detailed organisational design (incl High level process review)
Job description design or amendments
Job grading
Transition planning
High level transition plan

Programme Management Office (“PMO”) office set up (governance, policies, processes& procedures)
PMO recruitment (internally and externally)
Strategic project planning
Monitor strategic projects
Execution of strategic projects
Setting coaching expectation
Conduction coaching sessions
Direct support of employees
Review of coaching effectiveness
Board charter
Sub – committee charters
Streamlined governance documents and board processes
Conflict of interest register
Delegation of authority document
Strategic document with objectives and SMART targets
Organisational assessment report with opportunities of improvement, implementation requirements and a high level project plan
Organisational structure
High level transition plan
Functional and fully resources PMO office
PMO policy and procedures
PMO artefacts
Motivated and inspired stuff