Information Technology A&O

Policy development
IT strategy
Business requirement specifications
Study the nature and requirements of the business. Use the information to define policies on: Hardware, Network Storage Backup disaster recovery Security, Internet access Applications
Review the business strategy. Review the current IT strategy. Determine gaps between the business strategy and IT strategy (i.e. does the IT strategy support the business strategy). Review the application architecture Review data architecture Review hardware and networking architecture Define the gaps in the IT strategy. Define the strategic objectives. Define programmes to meet the objectives. Define implementation plan and budget
Conduct workshops with the users to gather the requirements Define objectives of the application Cascade the objectives into functional components Define the working mechanism of each of the functional components Define the inputs, processing required, and output for each component Ntiyiso Consulting has a number of products that can be useful in the business environment. They include: Bill presentment and payment solutions Information bureau solution (customer vetting, beneficiaries tracing, tenant audit, other applications) Automated survey solutions Content Management and Google-driven email solutions
IT Policy Training on the policy
IT strategy document
Requirements specifications