Policy development
Performance management design Job Design and grading Incentive scheme development
Training and development Performance management execution
Study the nature and requirements of the business. Use the information to decide on Policies and procedures for: Placement Termination Remuneration, Leave, Performance management, Procurement of HR services (e.g. outsourcing)
Study the nature and requirements of the business and use the information to design performance management framework. The framework will: Define a balanced scorecard Define the performance goals, linking them to organisation objectives Link performance goals of the organisation with individual performance of the staff. Define performance management process Study the operational model, organisational design, performance goals and use the information to arrive at: Individual roles for each employee to meet the performance objective of the organisation Benchmarking of jobs Grade the jobs using the origination’s adopted grading method Study the performance management framework/system. Define an incentive framework Compile incentives plan Define inventive scheme budget Link incentives to performance Workshop the plan with labour
Determine resourcing requirements for a project or an operation Propose contracting modalities Recruit and place candidates to fulfil the resourcing requirements
Custom designed courses including to suit modern business requirements, including: Design tailor made training solutions: Determine training requirements Develop or source training materials Develop training plan Conduct training Support management in executing performance management (coaching) Monitoring and evaluation of performance management
HR Policy document
Performance goals Performance scorecard Performance process Graded job profiles Incentive scheme documentation
Placed resources
Skilled personnel Inducted personnel into modern business world