Service Process Outcomes
Performance management design

Study the nature and requirements of the business and use the information to design performance management framework. The framework will:

  • Define a balanced scorecard

  • Define the performance goals, linking them to organisation objectives

  • Link performance goals of the organisation with individual performance of the staff.

  • Define performance management process

  • Performance goals
  • Performance scorecard
  • Performance process

Job Design and grading

Study the operational model, organisational design, performance goals and use the information to arrive at:

  • Individual roles for each employee to meet the performance objective of the organisation

  • Benchmarking of jobs

  • Grade the jobs using the origination’s adopted grading method

  • Graded job profiles

Incentive scheme development

Study the performance management framework/system.

  • Define an incentive framework

  • Compile incentives plan

  • Define inventive scheme budget

  • Link incentives to performance

  • Workshop the plan with labour

  • Incentive scheme documentation