Case Study:    Richards bay “Investigation of local government levy on Eskom Customers


In partnership with PSD Global, Ntiyiso Consulting has successfully completed the BPO (business Process Outsourcing) Sector Plan for Nelson Mandela Bay Metro. The study focused on the adaptation of the Eastern Cape Provincial Sector Plan, which Ntiyiso Consulting had also developed in partnership with Avasant (as US and top BPO advisory firm), to the Nelson Mandela Bay region. The aim of the exercise was to also propose an implementation plan for the sector plan.

Role on Project


Together with PSG Marketing (another US based BPO firm), Ntiyiso Consulting’s role in the project was to translate the provincial BPO Sector Plan to the level and conditions of Nelson Mandela Bay Metro. In particular, our role involved identification of specific opportunities and projects within the Metro to give effect to the (BPO) sector strategy for the province. A number of specific interventions, which would result in promoting business activity and job creation while strengthening the revenue position of the Metro, were proposed and organized into an implantation plan.

The Challenge

The provincial sector plan identified a number of areas within the IT-enabled Services(IT-ES) and Business Processing sector in which the Eastern Cape as a province was deemed potentially competitive provided that certain interventions were put in place. Our challenge was to locate Nelson Mandela Metro within the areas, which included contact centre (call centre), Offshore Engineering KPO and back-office processing. We also had to identify specific interventions to help the Metro achieve the above (BPO) sector goals.

The Ntiyiso Solution

Our solution involved conducting research on the current market activities on the above sectors, viz. contact centre (call centre), Offshore Engineering KPO and back-office processing to determine the current levels of activity and potential demand and supply position. Based on the outcome of the research, we were able to map the individual sector areas into specific opportunities and or interventions to promote them to produce new (BPO) economic activities within the Metro. In particular, the contact centre infrastructure already provided by Coega IDZ for example, was linked to voice (contact centre) opportunities from the US and the UK; while back-end office activities for the government and public sector were also seen as an opportunity. The need to for high performance bandwidth for these services to be possible was linked to the Seacom pipe running off the coast of the City as an oppotunity.



The Ntiyiso Effect

From the above study, Nelson Mandela Metro had a number of implementable activities and projects in which to invest to promote development of new IT-ES and BPO activities within the Metro. In addition to a number of direct (BPO) investment opportunities to chase after in the US, the study also helped with the prioritization of the projects. Key among these was the city-wide fibre project which stood to benefit the Metro’s revenue while promoting business activities in the Metro.
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