Case Study: Ekurhuleni Metro MDM project

Short write up that contextualizes the case study.Ntiyiso Consulting has partnered with Business Connexion to deliver a mater data management (MDM) project for revenue enhancement. The project entails creating a central repository for master data, and thus creating single view of a customer from the Metro’s disparate legacy systems. The project also entails creating and implementing data governance rules, as well as cleaning up the data using technical tools.
Role on Project  
The project had to major components: One dealing with the master data rules, implementation and management thereof, of the rules. The other dealt with the actual analysis and reconstruction of the single records of customers for more than 20 different systems such as  Venus for billing, library system, traffic system etc.Business Connexion focused on the rules, while Ntiyiso Consulting focused on the extraction of data and implementation of the rules.
The Challenge
The challenged that was being solved related to the fact that each of the more than 20 different systems of Metro had its own customer data independent of other system. The rules for the construction of the master data were also inconsistent between systems. E.g. name field of AN Mabunda in one system, Mabunda AN in another, Alex Mabunda in another etc.As a result of the above situation, interaction with customers and knowing them was made difficult due to duplications of customers across system. This also resulted in revenue leaks. Most importantly, it allowed customers who owe for some services continue to enjoy other services. They were many more challenges that faced the business do to this situation

To overcome the challenge, consolidation of the different database into one customer record from which all systems referenced customer information was proposed.

The master data management project had not been widely implemented across municipalities during the time of the project and this presented a great challenge since everything was new.

It also for this (complexity) reason that the client outsourced the work to a third party. They did not have the requisite skills and capacity to implement the project on their own.

Between Ntiyiso Consulting and Business Connexion they found not only the best solution, but also a great combination skills, which included oracle MDM, in-depth business process modeling and data modeling, planning, design and implementation of Information Architecture and Master Data Management processes and standards.

The Ntiyiso Solution
To support effective data governance, Ntiyiso-BCX proposed the adoption of a data governance framework by the Data Governance Institute (DGI) as it meets the requirements for implementation of effective data governance. The intellectual property was freely available for any organisation to utilise. We understood that implementing data governance and a data governance forum is a process that requires maturing over time and needs to be specific to the implementing organisation; and that data governance must also take into account the maturity of the organisation as well as existing governance and risk management policies and processes.-In terms of technical architecture, the solution of analyses each and every database in terms of (customer record) structure and technical characteristics. We would then work out a plan to pull the data into staging database from which the data would be reconstructed into an Oracle MDM database. The rest of the system would refer the customer data from here.
The Ntiyiso Effect
However with the support of the internal team with insight on some of the assumptions around certain data structuring, we managed to reconstruct the single customer.  Howver, this data was cleaned at database level in terms of structure. However it was not verified, in particulars, some of the records where obsolete (e.g. person died, moved out of the Metro etc). This required verification through a call centre operation, deeds and home affairs searches.Phase 2 on the project was planed to carry out the process.

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